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Latest tech `21

Built on WireGuard®, the world's fastest VPN.

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Powered by the most capable.

IP: Korea, US, Japan, Canada, Germany, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, Australia, Netherlands

Unlimited data

No throttling, no data limits.

High-level security

Built for corporate accounts.

Strong connection

Always up and running steadily.

No tracing

Just minimum logging for security.

What about Mareel?

Slow VPN costs your time, money, and pleasure.
Mareel is fast.

Performance of speed

Time is the most valuable commodity. Mareel helps you save time with fast Internet speed. Reach out for more opportunities.

Faster finance

Mareel is built for high-frequency trading (HFT). The next-gen encryption can take you anywhere fast at the exact time of your intention. Make more profit.

Freedom of browsing

Mareel isn't just a VPN. It provides you the Internet, independent from telecoms and governments. Search what you want.

Why Mareel?

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Consistency in data streaming is the reason my team relies on Mareel.

-a startup data scientist

The best part of Mareel is the speed for other country servers. No lag.

-an online gamer

I watch K-dramas from Germany. It's now one of my routines to keep it on.

-an international citizen

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