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Compatible with macOS Sierra 10.12 or later, and Windows 10 64bit or later. English, Hindi, and Korean are supported.

Get to your game servers fast

without lagging, jitter, and packet loss.

Speed is your advantage.

TEST: If the video above lags loading, it means your Internet is currently slow.

Latest technology

The fastest WireGuard® NT

For professional gamers

Powered by the most capable routing.

IP: Korea, US, Japan, Germany, India, Singapore, UK, Netherlands

Unlimited data

No throttling,
No location limits.

DDoS protection

Especially for GTA Online.

Lower ping

No more lag.

No tracing

Minimized for security.

Gaming Network Booster

Mareel is like a direct flight, taking you to your game servers.

Get an unlimited gaming Internet plan

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All amounts shown are in USD.
(VAT/GST excluded)

Mareel GO

Mobile gaming booster

  • No sign–up, No sign–in
  • For mobile gamers
  • WireGuard 4G/5G/Wi-Fi boost
  • Android & iOS for gaming
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Monthly plan

Lag remover

  • At the price of a game item
  • For the light players
  • WireGuard Internet boost
  • Billed $1 every 1 month
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1–year plan

Lag remover

  • Best value for money
  • For the Gosu gamers
  • WireGuard Internet boost
  • Billed $10 every year
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Faster speed is literally the game-changer.

Feel the Mareel Gaming Movement.

When to use Mareel for gaming?

To lower ping

Lower ping means no lag.

To play in different servers and countries

Sometimes we level up our plays for the challenge.

To play like a professional player

Mareel's fast connection helps you win your battles.

To prevent in–game DDoS aggression

It hides our IP from other gamers.

When to use Mareel VPN for gaming? To lower ping, to play in different servers or countries, to play like pro
What is good with Mareel? It is the fastest WireGuard VPN protocol which is one of the fastest Internet access ways.

What is good with Mareel?

Your Internet speed goes up.

The fastest Internet

Mareel speeds up with WireGuard® special ingredients.

Carefully selected cloud

Mareel only uses the fastest servers around the world.

Built for companies

Mareel's patent technologies accelerate VPN for all.

Made in Korea

This startup understands what it means to live on the commonly fast Internet. It started as a network software company, whose patent algorithm automates QoS operations.

Sniff, sniff. Your chicken isn't far away.

Anyone can add more fun to it.

Mareel VPN - WireGuard VPN for streaming videos, games, and your company | Product Hunt

Why Mareel?

Hear it from our users

5 / 5

Startup data scientist

Our team relies on Mareel for streaming data with consistency.

4.8 / 5

League of Legends player

I use it to play in the Korean server for challenge – the death pit.

4.6 / 5

Steam gamer

I use it for GTA Online the most times. No more lag during the Eve Online battles too.

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