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Impeccable timing,
Intended winning.

The latest network technology supports eSports performance.

Punctual moves depend on networks

Mareel's algorithm makes sure the gamers are on the same timeline.


The performance is already overwhelming.
Customized network settings help players solely focus on their plays.

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Mareel Key V3
A hardware package is included.
AccelerationIt can reach the maximum speed of your bandwidth, or even faster speed.
Speed load-balancingLeverage multi-cloud technology.
Next–gen VPN protocolWireGuard®
Next–gen encryptionIt uses ChaCha20 for symmetric key encryption, Poly1305 for message validation, and BLAKE2s as a hash function.
Unlimited bandwidthThe bandwidth may be limited due to client’s telecom plan.
Unlimited dataSpeed and/or access restriction may occur upon super-large traffic surge.
IPv6It supports VPN on mobile hotspot tethering.
Public DNSFor safer and faster Internet, Mareel supports the Quad9 and Cloudflare DNS.
Windows, macOS
Android, iOS(Coming soon)
P2P accelerationThe shortest routing enables faster and safer Internet.
Static IP
Split tunnelingIt offers 'secure internal' mode and 'secure both internal and external' mode.
Custom port
Docker support
Kubernetes support
Public cloud (AWS) support
Unlimited devices
Unlimited access points
Account log management
Account management
IP management
Device management(Coming soon)
Free OTA updates
Data storage serviceIt offers 200 GB.
Email support
Remote support
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