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1–year planMonthly plan
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AccelerationIt can reach the maximum speed of your bandwidth, or even faster speed.
Speed load balancingLeverage multi-cloud technology.
Next–gen VPN protocolWireGuard® technologies
Next-gen encryptionIt uses ChaCha20 for symmetric key encryption, Poly1305 for message validation, and BLAKE2s as a hash function.
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited dataSpeed and/or access restriction may occur upon super-large traffic surge.
No data loggingThe minimum logs of connection and disconnection may be collected for some levels of account security management.
No ads
100% traffic encryption
IPv6It supports VPN on mobile hotspot tethering.
Public DNSFor safer and faster Internet, Mareel supports the Quad9 and Cloudflare DNS.
Windows, macOS
Android, iOS(Coming soon)(Coming soon)
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